About Candace

Candace is a dairy-free lifestyle consultant, lawyer, and baker whose passion for Jesus, justice, and food led her to a career in food justice and agricultural policy, to start a consultancy to help people live their best dairy-free life, and educate people on various topics related to Black land ownership, food, and agriculture. 

Between the ages of 8-9, Candace discovered three important things: a love of baking, an allergy to dairy, and a desire to become a lawyer. Those things have intertwined to cultivate determination, perseverance, and a passion for helping people as it relates to food and agriculture. The same tenacity that led her to find dairy-free alternatives for baking helped her succeed at the University of Florida, where she obtained her bachelor’s and law degrees, and in passing the Florida bar exam.

Her understanding of structural barriers to equity drive her commitment to bringing justice to the food system for Black people and people of color.

She is based in Washington, D.C.


Social media: Instagram @candaceaspencer, Twitter @CandaceS2510