Spilled Milk Channel started as a YouTube channel to review products, provide advice, and share dairy-free recipes. I enjoy creating video content and the desire to help people enjoy life dairy-free led me to create a consultancy with the same name. 



As a dairy-free lifestyle consultant, I am able to engage one-on-one with clients to provide personalized strategies to navigate life dairy-free. As someone who has been dairy-free for over 20 years, I understand that food is an intimate part of how we interact with people and navigating a specific food difference can be challenging for that reason. Additionally, dairy is an innate part of American food culture. Enjoying food and the connections it brings without consuming dairy can be overwhelming and I provide actionable strategies to navigate the dairy-ful minefields while still enjoying the connections and satisfaction food brings. 



 On my Instagram, I share quick tips on dairy-free living, showcase my favorite dairy-free products, and go live to cook, bake, or try dairy-free dishes.